Saturday, September 27, 2014

RIP Jesús Laguna

Retired Spanish actor and stuntman Jesús Laguna has died in Almeria, Spain. Word spread on Facebook that Laguna had died. He was one of the stuntmen that worked during the heyday of the European western craze in Spain. Most of his appearances were uncredited as stuntmen’s names were seldom seen in the closing credits of a film, but it was there daring and nerve that filled these films with thrills and excitement. After the film business died in Southern Spain Laguna worked as a stunt performer at Mini Hollywood and Texas Hollywood in Tabernas putting on shows for the tourist who visited the now tourist attractions and the occasional commercial that may be filmed in the towns. As the years passed he became more of a vagabond, travelling around Tabernas and Almeria in search of work, food and a place to rest. Laguna recently appeared as the town drunk in the award winning "6 Bullets to Hell".

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