Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brett Halsey Book Review

By Brett Halsey
Abuzz Press – 2014
Promoted as a fast-paced, bloody, sexy-thriller…
All true to be sure!
As Halsey begins to set the pace, I get the distinct feeling I’ve seen something similar unfold in yet other surroundings, perhaps an inkling of life itself without the blood 'n gore of course. His main character is Ana, a hot-blooded Honduran who through no fault of her own winds up married to an A#1 asshole living in a Stateside hole in the wall called The Chalet-Highlife, a rundown motel/diner/gas establishment near an equally unforgiving swamp. This story could have taken place in lots of areas along the southern Gulf States, but it doesn’t really matter as the people here are the mainstream plot in themselves and keep us on our toes as the hook is sunk and we read on, turning pages as fast as we can.
Ana, is indeed both sexy and beautiful in that Latin way, but damn well full of her own agenda, (dreaming of someday living in Paris, France with lots of money as a renowned hair stylist). This of course is when she’s not throwing back a rum and cooking up more ungodly, bloody duties for her man ‘Dick’ to handle, this among his other duties, around a place that is falling down around him. She’s a lover who just can't seem to say no, or to leave.
Alas, the ending comes too soon for some of us die hard readers and leaves us wanting more from this bloody trail left by Ana. Unfortunately, there is no more! Perhaps, a sequel might be down the pike if she can somehow elude capture, we can hope can’t we?
Personally I liked the book very much, but there again I’m a fan of thrillers anyway in any form, be they novels or films. I am also a personal fan of Brett Halsey’s work on and off the big screen ever since seeing him in his JD/Hot Rod films of the late 1950's. Later I obtained his first literary work called The Magnificent Strangers a great 1978 paperback novel about the actors and the times they had while making films during the 1960's in Italy (A fast-paced, sexy read which I highly recommend). Now out in a new paperback edition from iUniverse, get it while you can!
Heck, I even still have one of Halsey's early starring film roles called The Girl in Lovers Lane (1959). So yes, I am a fan and continue to be even now in my 70’s. Keep up the good work Brett, man when you have it, you got it, so keep using it buddy.
Reviewed by James T. Prickette
[James T. Prickette is the author of Actors of the Spaghetti Westerns” 2012 Xlibris]

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