Friday, September 5, 2014


Dos pistolas gemelas – Spanish title
Una donna per Ringo – Italian title
6 Kugeln für Gringo – Austrian title
Duas Pistoleiras Invencíveis – Brazilian title
Pas de pitie pour Ringo – French title
Sechs Kugeln für Ringo – German title
Kanena oikto gia ton Ringo – Greek title
Sharp-Shooting Twin Sisters – English title
Sharp-Shooting for Two Twins – English title
Two Guns for Two Twins – English title
A Woman for Ringo – English title
Vengeance Ranch – English title
A 1965 Spanish, Italian co-production [Producciones Benito Perojo, Transmonde Film (Madrid),
Luxor Films (Rome)]
Producers: Benito Perojo, Luigi Nannerini
Director: Rafael Romero Marchent
Story: Manuel Sebares
Screenplay: Giovanni Simonelli
Cinematography: Franco Vitrotti [Eastmancolor]
Music: Gregorio García Segura
Running time: 92 minutes
Jenny Parker – Pili (Pilar Bayona)
Sally Parker – Mili (Emilia Bayona)
Jimmy Trevor/Ringo/Gringo/Luke – Sean Flynn
Slatery – Jorge Rigaud (Pedro Delissetche)
Monahan – Beni Deus (Venancio Mejuto)
Sheriff – Luis Induni
Abuela - José Orjas
Cowboy – William Conroy
With: Rogelio Madrid, Renato Baldini, Eva Guerr (Maria Guerrero), José Sepulveda, Giacomo Furia, Ricardo Rodriguez, Mario Morales, Guillermo Méndez, Gonzalo Esquirez, José Uria, Juan Maján, Rosella Bergamonti, María Bárbara, Dolores Guerrero
Stunts: Miguel Pedregosa
Two beautiful twins, Sally and Jenny Parker, in the company of their uncle, travel from village to village with a bandwagon performing in various numbers and especially trick shooting. In an a farm community where they stopped for a period of time, their uncle wins a farm in a poker game. When the uncle is killed the twins inherit the farm. The legacy, however, puts the two girls at the center of a conspiracy. The possession of the farm is in fact coveted by a mysterious figure who knows the passage of the railway will be going through their land. The farm then becomes even more valuable when Bot, a mining engineer discovers oil. Meanwhile, Ringo, a young man who is at odds with the twins because his herd of cattle is being poisoned, is kidnapped by three bandits. His father, carrying $ 50,000 for his ransom, is killed. New developments, however, are discovered by Bob and Ringo that the sinister sheriff is the head of all wrongdoing. Ringo confronts him and kills him. The twins marry and all turns out alright.

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