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La vendetta e un piatto che si serve freddo – Italian title
A Vingança é um Prato que Se Serve Frio – Brazilian title
Ammu ensin - enkelit maksakoot – Finnish title
La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid – French title
Drei Amen für  den Satan – German title
Fúria Selvagem – Portuguese title
LLa venganza esperó 10 años – Spanish title
Hämndens blodiga spår – Swedish title
Med Hamnden I Halarna – Swedish title
Batinin üç seytani – Turkish title
Death’s Dealer – English title
Three Amens for Satan – English title
Vengeance is a Dish Eaten Cold – English title
Vengeance is a Dish Served Colt – English title
Vengeance Trail – English trail
A 1971 Italian production [Filmes Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Solly V. Bianco
Director: William Redford (Pasquale Squititieri)
Story: Monica Felt (Monica Venturini)
Screenplay: Monica Felt (Monica Venturini), William Redford (Pasquale Squititieri)
Cinematography: Angelo Lotti [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Piero Umiliani
Song: “Ballata dei capelli gialli” sung by Monica Miguel
Running time: 98 minutes
Jeremiah/Jim Bridger – Leonard Mann (Leonardo Manzella)
Judge Perkins – Ivan Rassimov (Ivan Djarssimovic)
Virgil Prescott – Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)
Tuniah/Tena/Tune – Elisabeth Eversfield
Doc – Steffen Zacharias
George Bridger – Enzo Fiermonte (Vincenzo Fiermonte)
Boon – Teodoro Corrà (Teodoro Corra)
Ted – Salvatore Billa
Roy – Pietro Torrisi
Townsman – Pasaquale Squitieri
Cowboy – Nesto Cavaricci
With: Gianfranco Tamborra, Isabella Guidotti, Giorgio Dolfin, Yotanka, Stefano Oppedisano, Yotanks, Tchang Yu (Yuch Tchang)

Growing up with a fierce hatred for the Indians who massacred his family when he was a child, Jim Bridges, nicknamed "Yellow-hair," as an adult, he began a private war of annihilation against the redskins. One day, however, he accidentally discovered the truth: his family was killed by whites dressed as Indians, led by a villain named Perkins, who was backed by the editor of the local newspaper. They had interest to terrorize the area to encourage farmers to give their land away for a pittance. Entering the employ of Perkins, who still uses the old tactics to reach his goals, Jim manages to sabotage the plans and destroy the gang of raiders, aided in his efforts by a group of authentic Indians.
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