Friday, September 19, 2014

Remembering Kreso Grčević

Kresmir ‘Krešo’ Grčević was born on September 19, 1924 in Zagreb, Croatia. Grčević completed his studies in film making in 1943. He begins his career as a camera assistant and soon became a photographic reporter in the military administration in Opatija and Film News in Montenegro. After returning to Zagreb he photographs short stories and documentaries. His greatest achievements were the cinematography of short film “Professor Budalastov  by Octavian Miletic and Branko Marjanovic in 1948, filmed in one take and the documentary by Branko Belan “Tunolovci” also in 1948.
His work on feature films begins as an assistant on Octavian Miletic movies Fedora Hanžekovića “Bakonja Br Brna” (1951), “Svoga tela gospodar” (1957), “Koncert” (1954) by Branko Belan and “Jubilej gospodina Ikla” by Vatroslav Mimica, (1955). Independent films Veljko Bulajića “Vlak bez voznog reda” (1959), “Rat” (1960), “Uzavreli grad” (1961), “Pogled u zjenicu sunca” (1966), “Veliko suđenje” by Fedor Skubonja (1961) and “Iluzija” by Krsto Papic (1967).
Krešo was a co-cinematographer on only one Euro-western “Flaming Frontier” (1965).
In all his movies Kresimir Grčević demonstrated as a cameraman extraordinary abilities, especially when it comes to framing and the composition of light. As an experienced professional who knew the technique and art, he began being employed in a number of co-produced films. Among the rare filmmakers in Croatian cinema who tried his hand at shooting in widescreen systems, versions of CinemaScope and in Totalvision such as the film “Vlak bez voznog reda”. It is particularly noted his photography in the film “Pogled u zjenicu sunca” where he demonstrated a very expressive photographic naturalism. On Zagreb TV he worked from 1969 recordin television dramas, educational films and TV series. After retirement, for several years he worked at the Academy of Dramatic Arts as the head of film techniques where he shared his knowledge and experience to helping students of film and television cinematography.
Kresimir died in Zagreb, Croatia on September 15, 1992.
Today we remember cinematographer Kresimir Grčević on what would have been his 90th birthday.

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