Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RIP Daniel Dicenta

Actor Daniel Dicenta died Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at the age of 76. Dicenta was found in his apartment and emergency services could only confirm his death. He was the grandson of playwright Joaquín Dicenta [1863-1917], actress Consuelo Boadillo, the son of actor Manuel Dicenta [1905-1974], nephew of director, screenwriter, actor Joaquín Dicenta. Daniel was married to actress Lola Herrera [1935-    ] (19??-1967) and the father of actress, singer Natalia Dicenta [1962-    ] and cinematographer Daniel Dicenta Herrera.
In the last years of his life was dedicated to the voice dubbing, voicing artists like Robert Englund in "Nightmare on Elm Street" or Peter Stormare in "Fargo," the Coen brothers. He dubbed several Euro-westerns including: The Desperado Trail – 1965 [Spanish voice Rik Battaglia], The Unholy Four – 1969 [Spanish voice of Andrea Aurelli], Buddy Goes West – 1981 [Spanish voice of Giovanni Cianfriglia, Pino Patti] and North Star – 1995 [Spanish voice of Burt Young].

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