Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy 55th Birthday Tini Cansino

Tini Cansino was born Photina Lappa on September 23, 1959 in Volos, Magnisia, Greece. She studied classical ballet, and at 19 years old, during a vacation in Italy, she was noticed by Alberto Tarallo, a manager who introduced her to the world of entertainment. The same manager suggested the name of Tini Cansino, noting its resemblance to the actress Rita Hayworth as the real name of the actress was just Cansino, in order to invent a fake relationship with the American actress, all to increase her fame. Because of her stage name, for years mistakenly considered to be the granddaughter of Hayworth.
She made ​​her debut on television in the sexy show ‘Playgirl’, with Minnie Minoprio, but her big breakthrough came in 1983 with the role of "ragazza fast food" in the popular television show Drive In . Switching to film came as a result. Her first role as Scella Pezzata in the cult Euro-western by Ciro Ippolito “Arrapaho” (1984), inspired by the self-titled album of Squallor the previous year. She then participated the following year in the comedy “Carabinieri si nasce” by Mariano Laurenti, the television film “Doppio misto” (1986) and “Provare per credere” (1987) by Sergio Martino, and the erotic film “Delizia” of Joe D'Amato (1987), “A un passo dall'aurora” by Mario Bianchi and “Arabella l'angelo nero” by Stelvio Massi (1989).
In 1989, after joining the program on Italy 1 ‘Trisitors’, she retired from acting to devote herself fully to her family. In 2006 with a heartfelt appeal she aska in the newspapers to be a part of the cast of  “L'isola dei famosi” because of her financial straits, but her direct appeal to the presenter Simona Ventura falls on deaf ears. In January 2012 she joined as a commentator for the transmission of Channel 5 ‘Uomini e Donne’, dedicated to meetings between ultra-forties.
Today we celebrate Tini Cansino’s 55th birthday.

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