Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy 55th Birthday Elena Albu

Elena Albu was born on September 1, 1949 in Iasi, Moldova, Romania. She studied at the Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, where she graduated in 1973 In 1972 she started appearing in theater and film, an actress in many of the productions of her husband, director Mircea Veroiu [1941-1997].
Elena Albu’s last theater role was in the show "Snowmen", directed by Louise Dănceanu, which played in the Very Small Theatre in season 1998/1999.
Elena’s only Euro-western appearance was in 1973’s “Ulzana” playing Ulzana’s wife.
She died alone in her house, the victim of a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a bout of hypertension.
Her body was found on March 16, 2003. She was only 43.
Today we remember Elena Albu on what would have been her 55th birthday.

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