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Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand – German title
Vinnetou a Old Firehand – Yugoslavian title
Trovoes na fronteira – Brazilian title
Gringo – hævneren – Danish title
Ukkosata rajalla – Finnish title
Tonnerre sur la frontière – French title
Masacre a la frontiere – French title
O keravnos me to hryso pistol – Greek title
Winnetou és barátja, Old Firehand – Hungarian title
Tempesta all frontiera – Italian title
Winnetou i Old Firehand – Polish title
Tempestade na fronteira – Portuguese title
Trovoes na fronteira -
Hombres desperados – Spanish title
Tormenta en la frontera – Spanish title
Död åt gringos – Swedish title
Winnetou: Thunder at the Border – U.K. title
Thunder at the Border – U.S.A. title

A 1966 West German, Yugoslavian co-production [Rialto Film, Preben-Philipsen (Berlin), JadranFilm (Zagreb)]
Producers: Horst Wendlandt, Preben Philipsen
Director: Alfred Vohrer
Story: Karl May
Screenplay: David De Reske, Harald G. Petersson, C.B. Taylor
Cinematography: Karl Löb [Technicolor, Ultrascope]
Music: Peter Thomas
Running time: 100 minutes

Old Firehand – Rod Cameron (Nathan Cox)
Winnetou – Pierre Brice (Pierre Baron de Bris)
Nscho-tschi – Marie Versini
Tom – Todd Armstrong (John Armstrong)
Silers – Harald Leipnitz
Robert Ravenhurst – Viktor de Kowa (Viktor Kowarzik)
Michele Mercier – Nadia Gray (Nadia Kujnir-Herescu)
Captain/Sergeant Mendoza – Rik Battaglia
Jace Mercier – Jörg Marquardt
Caleb – Vladimir Medar
Captain Luis Sanchez Quilvera – Miha Baloh (Mihail Baloh)
Derks – Aleksandar Gavric
Puglia – Emil Kutijaro
Moses – Ilija Ivezic
Leon Mercier – Dusan Antonijevic
Billy-Bob Silers – Walter Wilz
Vince – Milan Bosiljcic
German-Joe – Aleksandar Stojkovic
German Joanna – Tana Mascarelli (Tanja Ostojic)
Hernando – Aleksandar Belaric
German-Joanna – Maija Crnobori
Julia – Adela Podjed
Priest – Boris Dvornik
Callaghan – Dado Habazin (Marijan Habazin)
Wirz – Nikola Gec
Metz – Emil Mikuljan (Milan Mikuljan)
Wallace – Stjepan Spoljaric
Kaylurr – Ivo Kristof
Lem – Franc Ursic
Officers – Jovan Vukovic, Zvonko Dobrin (Zvonimir Dobrin)
Desperados – Sime Jagarinac (Simum Jagarinac), Stjepan Spoljaric, Josip Biščan
With: Valent Borovic, Valent Štefanko, Kreso Branković, Zvonimir Brcko, Antun Gorišek, Stjepan Hrgović, Esad Jujić, Zvonimir Kuzmić, Miroslav Šanić, Izidor Štefanko, Franjo Crnečki, Nikola Gec

Winnetou and his sister Nscho-chi along with several warriors of the Apache tribe are ambushed by Siler and his gang of bandits. The Indians obtain help from trappers Jason Waade, who is known as Old Firehand, Tom and his friends, Caleb and Moses.

Winnetou and Old Firehand have been involved in other disputes with Silers. His brother Billy Bob is sitting in the local jail, and Seargent Mendozza is harassed by local residents of Maramonte to release him in order to escape the vengeance Silers. Firehand is moved to help defend the village, not of the least because he has there met his old love Michèle, who has a son Jace from him, but does not know that Old Firehand is his father. Michèle is being courted by the eccentric English gentleman Ravenhurst, but has not yet yielded to his charms.

After Billy Bob Siler has been killed while attempting to escape, Silers slaughters a covered wagon train with local residents for revenge. He loads a wagon with dynamite and sends it back to Miramonte where it explodes.

Winnetou leaves to seek help from the army but meets Capitano Quilvera with his Mexican bandits who sets a trap, which Winnetou barely escapes. Quilvera and Silers team up and attack the town together. A priest who confronts them with a raised cross is shot by Silers against Quilveras protest.

The inhabitants fight back under the leadership of Old Firehand, and the attackers back away slowly. Winnetou sends dynamite laden horses into the bandits and blows them into the air. The rest of the bandits are taken care of by the inhabitants of the town who with Old Fiorehand by a surprise attack against Siler and Capitano Quilvera. Firehand and Tom pursue the fleeing Silers, who is mortally wounded by Siler and dies. Firehand is of the opinion that a bullet would be a shame for Silers, so he uses Winnetou's bow and arrow, with which he then pins Silers to a tree trunk before shooting him.

YouTube trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKkoANdD9aQ

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