Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy 75th Birthday Martial Boschero

Martial Alexandre Boschero was born on March 21, 1939 in Paris, France. The brother of actress Dominique Boschero [1934- ], their parents were Italian. When World War II broke out Dominique was entrusted to their grandparents in who lived in Frassino, a small Italian mountain village with a few hundred of inhabitants. Martial’s parents then fled to Paris where he was born and raised.
Boschero had a limited career as a producer with four films to his credit and as an actor another four credits. He’s remembered for “Man, Woman and Beast” (1977), “The Cat o' Nine Tails” (1971) and his only Euro-western “Django Kills Softly” (1967) where he acts in a small role.
Martial’s last film was as producer of “...E il terzo gode” in 1985.
Today we celebrate Martial Boschero’s 75th birthday.

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