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Three Bullets – South African title
Django i Mexico – Danish title
Drie kogels voor een lang geweer – Dutch title
Le sanguinaire, le roublard, le vicieux – French title
Friß den Staub von meinen Stiefeln – German title
Enas tafos se perimenei – Greek title
Ehi amigo tocca a te morire – Italian title
Three Bullets – South African title
3 Bullets… for a Long Gun – English title
A 1970 South African production [Icarus Productions, Panorama Films (Johannesburg)]
Producer: Ramsey Joynt
Director: Peter Henkel
Story: Beau Brummell
Screenplay: Keith Van der Wat
Cinematography: Andre Liebenberg, Felix Mayburgh [color]
Music: Kevin Mansfield
Song: “Wonderful Day” sung by Quinsey (Alan Elderkin)
Running time: 92 minutes
Major – Beau Brummell (Michael Bush)
Lucky Gomez – Keith Van der Wat
Hawk-Eye – Patrick Mynhardt
Moses – Tulio Moneta
Officer – Brian Kiley
Henchman – Butch Stolts
Gringo - Don McCorkindale (Donald McCorkindale)
Mute girl – Janis Reinhardt
Man with horses – Peter Henkel
With: Gaby Getz, John Barroso, José de Sousa, Umberto Addaggi Celia Brummell, Joaquin Gomez

Luciano ‘Lucky Gomez’ is waiting his turn to be shot by a firing squad. At the very last moment, the squad members are shot by a stranger who has been witnessed the proceedings from afar. The stranger is called ‘The Major’ and he gives Lucky the opportunity to face the commander of the firing squad in a duel supervised by himself. The Major has only saved Lucky Luciano's life because he's interested in the half of the treasure map in possession of the Mexican bandit. The two form an uneasy partnership and go off into the desert in search of the fortune and are followed by the military.
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