Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday to Francesca Leone

Francesca Leone was born on March 12, 1964 in Rome, Italy. She is the granddaughter of director Roberto Roberti [1879-1959] actress Bice Valeriari [1886-1969] and the daughter of producer, director Sergio Leone [1929-1989]. Francesca is the sister of actress Raffaella Leone [1961- ] and producer Andrea Leone [1967- ]. Francesca spent her childhood and adolescence in the international world of cinema and art: her father is the Sergio, her mother, Carla Rinaldi, was the prima ballerina of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. Her artistic training took place in an atmosphere rich in stimuli and cultural ferment. After following the course of scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, she devoted herself entirely to painting. She attended a finishing school, graduating, under the guidance of Professor Lino Tardia, at the Rome University of Fine Arts.
Francesca appeared in two cameo roles in Euro-westerns, as Tomaso’s baby son who is shot and killed along with Tomaso’s wife by Indio in “For a Few Dollar’s More” (1965) as along with her sister Raffaella as two girls at the Flagstone station in “Once Upon a Time in the West” (1968).
Today Francesca is an accomplished painter and artist showing her paintings and scupltures in galleries throughout Europe.
Today we celebrate Francesca Leone’s 50th birthday

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