Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday Jost Vacano

Jost Vacano was born on March 15, 1934 in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany. After his studies in electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and a visit to the German Institute for Film and Television Camera Jost Vacano’s film career began in the mid-1950s with advertising and documentaries. He had been involved at this time with among other things a documentary directed by Peter Schamoni in Moscow for the 1957 World Youth Festival in Moscow.
After several television films in which he was involved as a cinematographer, the film adaptation wasSchonzeit für Füchse” (1966), directed by Peter Schamoni, his first feature film. In the following years Vacano worked with several well-known directors.
By 1975 he had become one of Germany’s best cameramen for his work onDie verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum”. For this he was awarded the German Film Award. He then reaped laurels on the international scene until 1981: Among which he received an Academy Award nomination for the theatrical version of “Das Boot” for best cinematography.
He continued working with “Das Boot” director Wolfgang Petersen with camera work for “The Neverending Story”. At this point he was already known in the U.S.A. He’s remembered for cinematography on “RoboCop” (1987), “Total Recall” (1990) and “Showgirls” (1995).
His only Euro-western was “Montna Trap” in 1975.
Today we celebrate Jost Vacano’s 70th birthday.

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