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Las malditas pistolas de Dallas – Spanish title
Le maledette pistole di Dallas – Italian title
Les pistolets maudits de Dallas – French title
Die Verdammten Pistolen von Dallas – German title
To katarameno pistol tou Dallas – Greek title
The Damned Pistols of Dallas – English title
The Return of Clay Stone – English title

A 1964 Spanish, Italian, French co-production [Coperfilm (Madrid), Tellus Cinematografica Film (Rome), Paris Inter Productions (Paris)]
Producer: G. Carus, Paolo Prestano, Domenico Luigi Rotolo
Director: Joseph Trader (Giuseppe Mercanti)
Story: Luigi Emmanuele
Screenplay: Luigi Emmanuele
Cinematography: Edmondo Affronti [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Gioacchino Angelo
Song: “Q vecchio Ben” sung by Bruno D’Angelo
Running time: 97 minutes

George/Clay Stone – Fred Beir (Frederick Beir)
Estelle/Katy Dior – Evi Marandi (Evy Marandis)
Fred Foster – Olivier Mathot (Claude Plaud)
Goodwin/’Fast Draw’ – Ángel Álvarez (Ángel Fernandez)
Marilyn – Lucy Bomez (Lucia Bomez)
Fast Draw Krenshaw – Luis Ciavarro (Luigi Ciavarro)
Katy Dior – Dian Di Saint (Dina de Santis)
Mr. Stone – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Zeke – Bob Messenger (Roberto Messina)
Little John – Andrew Hart
Mrs. Goodwin – Stella Monclar
Corbett – Jesús Puente (Jesús Alzaga)
With: Francisco Nieto

For some time a gang of outlaws has been making raids on Dallas. On one of their raids, the bandits kill the old banker Stone and attack the stagecoach in which is traveling the latter's son, Clay. The young man is robbed and left alone while bandits hold Katy Dior hostage. Clay manages to capture the leader of the band, Fast Draw, the outlaws threaten to kill Katy if Fast Hand is not released immediately. Against the advice of the sheriff and the judge, Clay frees the bandit and in turn he runs the risk of being arrested for suspected complicity with the outlaws.  However, he is granted forty-eight hours of time to prove his innocence. Within these limits Clay manages to recapture Fast Draw after having destroyed his gang.


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