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Soleil rouge – French title
Sol rojo – Spanish title
Sole rosso – Italian title
El sol rojo – Argentinian title
Sol Vermelho – Brazilian title
Den røde sol – Danish title
The Magnificient Three – Filipino title
Verenpunainen aurinko – Finnish title
Rivalen unter roter Sonne – German title
Monomahia ston kokkino ilio – Greek title
Vörös nap – Hungarian title
El sol rojo – Peruvian title
Fuerza samurai – Peruvian title
Samuraje i kowboje – Polish title
Sol Vermelho – Portuguese title
Blodröd sol – Swedish title
Kirmizi günes – Turkish title
Red Sun – English title

A 1971 French, Spanish, Italian co-production [Corona Films (Paris), Producciones Balcázar S.A. Balcazar  (Barcelona), Oceania Film (Rome)]
Producer: Ted Richmond
Director: Terence Young (Shaun Young)
Story: Laird Koenig
Screenplay: Laird Koenig, Denne Bart Petitclerc, William Roberts, Lawrence Roman
Cinematography: Henri Alékan [Technicolor]
Music: Maurice Jarre
Running time: 112 minutes

Link Stuart – Charles Bronson (Charles Buchinsky)
Cristina – Ursula Andress
Kuroda Jubie – Toshirô Mifune (Sanchuan Minlang)
Gauche/Gotch Kink – Alain Delone
Pepita – Capucine (Germaine Lefebvre)
Paco – Barta Barry (Bernabe Barri)
Mace – Lee Burton (Guido Lollobrigida)
Hyatt – Tony Dawson (Anthony Dawson)
Miguel – John Hamilton (Gianni Medici)
Sheriff Stone – George W. Lycan (Georges Lycan)
Chato – Luke Merenda (Luc Merenda)
Japanese Ambassador – Satoshi Nakamura
Peppie – Julio Peña (Julio Muñoz)
Maria – Mónica Randall (Aurora Julia)
Samurai – Hiroshi Tanaka
Train engineer – José Jaspe (José Rivas)
Poco – Riccardo Palacios (Ricardo Díez)
Indians – Jo Nieto (José Nieto), Florencio Amarilla (Florencio Lacasa)
With: John B. Vermont

Link Stuart is a ruthless outlaw, and co-leader along with Gauche of a gang of bandits. Link and Gauche lead their gang on a successful train robbery, and discover that one of its cars carries a Japanese ambassador, who is bringing a ceremonial katana (sword) as a gift for President Ulysses S. Grant. Gauche takes the sword, and kills one of the two samurai guards, while members of his gang attempt to murder Link by throwing dynamite into the train car he occupies, then leaving him for dead.

The surviving Japanese delegation rescues Link, and the ambassador instructs him to assist Kuroda in tracking down Gauche so that he may kill him and recover the sword and his honor. Kuroda is given one week to fulfill this task, or commit seppuku. Link reluctantly agrees, but he realizes that Kuroda will kill Gauche immediately, before he is able to extract the location of the stolen loot. Link repeatedly attempts to elude Kuroda, only to be thwarted by the irrepressible samurai.

While tracking Gauche's gang, the duo encounter several obstacles, and Kuroda reveals that his samurai values are disappearing as his countrymen no longer value the customs of old. Link gains a measure of respect for the strict bushido code Kuroda follows, and eventually comes to an agreement with the samurai that Gauche will not be killed before he reveals the location of the stolen money. The duo abduct Gauche's woman, Cristina , who leads the men to Gauche and his gang.

In the ensuing fight, Kuroda is mortally wounded, and a disarmed Gauche tries appealing to Link's greed. Link decides that the dying samurai's honor is more important to him than learning the location of the stolen money, so he kills Gauche. Just before Kuroda expires, Link promises him that he will return the katana to the Japanese ambassador. He does so, thus preserving Kuroda's honor.

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