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The Adventures of Mike S. Blueberry – French title
Blueberry l’experience secrete – French title
Muraya: L’experience secrete de Mike Blueberry – French title
Renegade – U.S.A. title
Blueberry – Desejo de Vinganca – Brazilian title
Blueberry: müstilised deemonid – Estonian title
Blueberry und der Fluch des Damonen – German title
Blueberry, la experiencia secreta – Italian title
As aventuras de Blueberry – Portuguese title
Bluberi – Serbian title
Blueberry, experencia secreta – Spanish title
Blueberry, the Secret Experiment – English title
Blueberry – English title

A 2002 French, Mexican, U.S.A. co-production [A.J.O.Z. Films, La Petite Reine, TF1 Films Productions (Paris)]
Producer: Thomas Langmann, Ariel Zeitoun, Timothy Burrill, Jean-Michel Lacor, Mariano Carranco, Yousaf Bokhari
Director: Jan Kounen (Jan Coenen)
Story: Jean-Michel Charlier, Moebius (Jean Giraud)
Screenplay: Matt Alexander (Matthieu Le Naour & Alexander Coquelle), Gerard Brach, Jan Kounen (Jan Coenen), Lous Mellis, David Scinto
Cinematography: Tetsuo Nagata [color, Panavision]
Music: Jean-Jacques Hertz, François Roy
Song: “Feel the Universe” sung by Schaye B
Song: “Welcome to Palomito (From Galway to Dublin)” sung by Paul Rodden
Song: “Pashan Biri Song” sung by Shaman Pashan Bari
Song: “Uni” sung by Altai Kanghai
Song: “Danny Boy Song” sung by Juliette Lewis
Song: “Kestenbetsa Son”, “Energia Shamanica” sung by Shaman Kestenbetsa (Guillermo Arévalo)
Songs: “Aux Natchitoches” sung by Tchéky Karyo (Baruh Karyo)  & Vincent Cassel (Vincent Crochon)
Running time: 124 minutes

Mike S. Blueberry – Vincent Cassel (Vincent Crochon)
Wallace ‘Wally’ Sebastian Blount – Michael Madsen
Maria Sullivan – Juliette Lewis
Runi – Temuera Morrison
Lola – Nichole Hiltz
Jimmy McLure – Colm Meaney
Baron Werner Amadeus von Luckner/Prosit – Eddie Izzard (Edward Izzard)
Woodhead – Djimon Hounsou
Uncle – Tchéky Karyo (Baruh Karyo)
Scarcrow – Dominique Bettenfeld
Sheriff Rolling Star – Ernest Borgnine (Ermes Borgnino)
Billy – Jan Kounen (Jan Coenen)
Charlie – Karl H. Braun
Madeleine – Vahina Giocante
Escort – Richard Jones
Pete – Francois Levantal
Sullivan – Geoffrey Lewis
Young Runi – William Lightning
Julio – Antonio Monroy (Antonio Monroi)
Young Mike S. Blueberry – Hugh O’Connor
Clara Von Luckner – Kateri Walker
Kheetseen – Kestenbetsa (Guillermo Arévalo)
Indian warrior – Joel Gonzales
Runi’s mum – Leticia Gutiérrez
Judge – Val Avery (Sebouh Abrahamian)
Dentist – Pascal Demolon
Elderly Indian woman – Panshin Biri
Jeremy – Juan Manuel Bernal (Juan Cardenas)
Desk clerk – François Bercovici
Cymbal player – Cyril Dupuy
Irish singer – Paul Rodden
Ranch hands – Javier Clave, José Gómez Parcero
Leader of the Virtue League – Chattoune (Francoise Bourrec)
Stunts: Diego Jiminez Flores, Hugo Aguilera, Omar Ayala, Balo Bucio, Julian Bucio (Julian Montemayor), Rémi Canaple, Patrick Cauderlier, Santiago Garcia Galvan, Mario Luraschi, José Antonio Oña Sánchez

U.S Marshal Mike Donovan (referred to as Broken Nose by the native tribe; unlike the comic his nickname is not Blueberry) has dark memories of the death of his first love. He keeps peace between the Americans and the natives who had temporarily adopted and taken care of him. The evil actions of Blount, a "white sorcerer" lead him to confront the villain in the Sacred Mountains, and, through shamanic rituals involving native entheogens, conquer his fears and uncover a suppressed memory he would much rather deny.


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