Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RIP Valentino Macchi

Valentino Macchi has died.

A native of Bologna, Macchi was born on August 4, 1937 worked with many directors both in Italy and abroad, among which we were Pupi Avati, Alberto Sordi and Giuseppe Orlandini. He appeared in comedies, westerns and Italian crime films in the 1970s. Macchi appeared in over 130 films and TV appearances. Among those many films were 21 Euro-westerns such as “A Man Called Gringo” (1965), “Yankee” and “Arizona Colt” (aka “The Man from Nowhere”), “Navajo Joe”, “A Bullet for the General” (all 1966), “Gentleman Killer”, “Any Gun Can Play” “Bandidos” (all 1967), “Starblack” (aka “Johnny Colt”) (1968). 

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