Monday, March 18, 2013


Per mille dollari al giorno – Italian title
Por mil dólares al día – Spanish title
Pour mille dollars par jour – French title
Für 1000 Dollar pro Tag – German title
Gia hilia dollaria tin imera – Greek title
1.000 Dollar for Revolverman – Swedish title
Bin dolar icin – Turkish title
For $1,000 a Day – English title
Renegade Gun – English title
Renegade Gunfighter – English title

A 1965 Italian, Spanish co-production [Tirso (Rome), Petruka (Madrid)]
Producers: Silvio Amadio, Mario Fanti
Director: Silvio Amadio
Story: Silvio Amadio, Tito Carpi, Luciano Gregoretti
Screenplay: Silvio Amadio, Tito Carpi, Luciano Gregorett
Cinematography: Mario Pacheco [Techniscolor, Techniscope]
Music: Gino Peguri
Song: “My Gun is Fast” sung by Bobby Solo
Running time: 99 minutes

Hud Backer/Scott Baker – Zachary Hatcher
Sheriff Steven Benson – Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Jason Clark – Rubén Rojo
Betty Benson – Anna Maria Pierangeli
Wayne Clark – Mirko Ellis (Mirko Korcinsky)
Lon Clark – Manuel Gil (Manuel Huidobro)
Carranza – Pepe Calvo (José Calvo)
Judge Gowan – Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Trial observer – Maria Tedeschi
With: Nando Angelini (Ferdinando Angelini), Corrado Annicelli, Enrique Ávila, María Burgos, Ángel Méndez, Victoria Salcedo, Gabriella Schettini, Bruno Scipioni, Alba Maiolini

To avenge the death of his parents, who are stripped of their lands and killed by the Clark brothers, Hud learns to handle a gun with extraordinary skill with the teachings of a famous gunslinger, Carranza. He then goes back to the Stoneyville where, despite the warnings of his friend, Steve the sheriff, and the prayers of his sister, Betty, is determined to take his revenge. Ably Hud terrorizes the three Clark brothers without revealing his identity and intentions, and actually, hired by them for a thousand dollars a day, as a body guard against the mysterious assassin. He separately kills two of the murderers, and the third, Jason, he prefers to be arrested by Steve after confessing his crimes. Under the protection of the sheriff and relentlessly dogged by Hud, Jason is taken to a nearby town, tried but acquitted with the help of a dishonest lawyer. Steve and Hud are disappointed. Jason eventually show’s his hand and after a fierce shootout in which the sheriff  comes to the aid of Hud, he and three assassins paid by Jason are eliminated. The lands that were stolen by Clark are returned to the rightful owners and peace returns to the region. Steve and Betty ask Hud to remain with them. But he has to go, sadly, his reputation as a "gunslinger" now condemns him to loneliness.


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