Friday, March 22, 2013


Lo ammazzo come un cane ma lui rideva ancora – Italian title
La rancon du tueur – French title
The Dead Played the Flute – English title
Death Played the Flute – English title
Requiem for a Bounty Killer – English title
Requiem for a Bounty Hunter – U.K. title

A 1971 Italian production [Universalia Vision (Rome)]
Producer: Pelio Quaglia
Director: Mark Welles (Angelo Pannacciò)
Story: Elo Pannacciò (Angelo Pannacciò)
Screenplay: Elo Pannacciò (Angelo Pannacciò), Maurizio Centini
Cinematography: Jaime Deu Casas [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Daniele Patucchi
Song: “A Man is Made of Love” sung by Ann Collin
Running time: 93 minutes

Ryan/John Burton/Nick Barton – Michael Forest (Gerald Charlebois)
Kimble/Whistle – Steven Tedd (Giuseppe Cardillo)
Sabata - Laurence Bien
Tony Cameron – Ray O’Connor (Remo Capitani)
Lassiter – Giovanni Petti (Giovanni Petrucci)
Suzy Barton – Suzanna Levi
Ransom – Antonio Molino Rojo
Sheriff – Anthony Freeman
Simon – Chet Davis (Michelle Borelli)
Killer – Luciano Conti
Ransom henchman – Benito Pacifico [also stunts]
With: Clara Hopf, Anna Bacchi, Irio Fantini, Thomas Rudy (Tomás Rudi), Michele Branca, Alceste Bogart, Ivi D’Annunzio, Itala Guitto, Italo Guitto

Returning from a trip, Nick Burton finds at his ranch his daughter Jane traumatized, his wife Marilyn and her father James brutally killed. Jane is left in the hands of Dr. Simon, her boyfriend, and the faithful Martha while Burton begins hunting the killers without any clues on who they are or how to recognize them. However, near the ranch he meets Kimble, a gunman who is also called "Whistle" for his habit of playing the lullabies on his flute in his spare time. But Kimble who was actually part of the gang led by Ramson and was one of the participants of the massacre at the Burton ranch accepts the invitation from Nick to help him in revenge for compensation, and takes the opportunity to go in order to eliminate any of the robbers before they can speak. Fife also manages to avoid the unjust charge against him by by Ramson’s brother the sheriff. Killing Ramson, Kimble now believes his secret is safe. Nick returns to the farm where the truth is revealed by Jane that she was raped during the massacre. The girl without telling her father recognizes the rapist as Kimble and justice is then served.

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