Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RIP Jerzy Nowak

Jerzy Nowak, died on Tuesday March 26, 2013. He created memorable performances in such films as "Schindler's List," "Children of Irena Sendler" and "Promised Land." He was 89.

From the beginning of his career he worked in Krakow, where he graduated from the National Theatre School. Later, as an old theater actor, he was a teacher. Appearing mainly in supporting roles, he was always able to present a unique character, as in the case of his creation Zucker in the "Promised Land."

Marcin Koszalka, director of the film "Existence", remembers watching Jerzy Nowak , “One thing I can say with certainty: Nowak was definitely not of death. This trip movie, which I had showed me a lot about Jerzy Nowak. It was a movie about life, not death. Jerzy Nowak believed that the most important thing is life, action, and not death, nor the body, which he said was a piece of ragdoll. For him it was important that he left - the roles of theater, film, and this film, which has left a piece of his heart. It was moving and gives food for thought. Smith proved that you need to think about life, not death.”

Jerzy appeared in one Euro-western “Eucalytus” (2001) as Pancho Almodovar.

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