Sunday, March 10, 2013


Orme rosse – Italian title
Huellas rojas – Spanish title
Red Footsteps – English title
Red Tracks – English title

A 2003 Italian production [New Point of View Film Co. (Rome)]
Producer: Tony Paticchio
Director: Andrea Girolami
Story: Lorenzo de Luca
Screenplay: Lorenzo de Luca
Cinematography: Blasco Giurato [color]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Running time: 8 minutes


A lone stranger rides into a western town , breeze swept dust encircles his ride wearied horse and the town sign whistles its creaky tune upon the wind. This mysterious stranger has come to collect a set of shinning spurs but once acquired he attracts the attentions of others out to possess the pieces. Death follows this pair of Mexican silver spurs.

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