Thursday, June 28, 2012

New CD Release

7 dollari sul rosso ($7.00 to Kill)

Director: Albert Cardone
Starring: Anthony Steffen, Fernando Sancho, Loredana Nusciak, Elisa Montés
Composer: Francesco DeMasi

Label: BEAT Records
Extras: 8 page booklet
Tracks: 27
Total time: 60:49
Available: 6/25/2012

Track listing:
01 Johnny ballade 2'46''
02 Gringos a caballo 1'49''
03 The yellow rose of Texas 1'43''
04 Where are the killers? 2'46''
05 Sibyl and Bill 1'44''
06 A man must fight (instr.) 3'30''
07 Johnny revenge 2'59''
08 Jerry theme 3'34''
09 Mysterious love 1'37''
10 Where are you going, Johnny? 1'26''
11 Wishville 2'18''
12 Sibyl murder 2'45''
13 Bloody sunset 2'16''
14 Over death 2'29''

Bonus Tracks
15 Gringos a caballo 1'56''
16 Sette dollari sul rosso (piano solo) 5'31''
17 Gringos a caballo 1'01''
18 Sette dollari sul rosso (chitarra sola) 2'31''
19 Where are the killers? 1'04''
20 Sette dollari sul rosso (danza) 1'09''
21 Gringos a caballo 1'42''
22 Where are you going Johnny? 1'29''
23 The yellow rose of Texas 1'08''
24 Johnny revenge 1'42''
25 Sibyl and Bill 1'26''
26 Gringos a caballo 1'49''
27 A man must fight (vocal) 3'30'


  1. thanks for sharing tom this was a great soundtrack worth getting for sure i know i will obtain this gem have a quick question for i have been trying to get on the website for the past week and half and it says it is down do you know what is going on with this site i really hate to seem them close shop as i use it as a resource for my German SW DVDS hope you have some good news about it lol cheers talk soon have a great day tom and thanks in advance cheers

  2. The website was hacked a week or so ago. It was supposed to be back up last night according to a message I received from Sebastian, but I just checked and it's still down. Apparently it has something to do with the server so it is out of his hands. I know there are no plans to shut it down permanently so check it every so often is all I can suggest.