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Doc, manos de plata – Spanish title
10.000 dólares vivo o muerto – Spanish title
L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro – Spanish title
L’uomo dalla pistol d’oro – Italian title
Een colt voor McGregor – Belgium title
Mad Mexican – Dutch title
Un colt pour MacGregor – French title
Der Mann, der kam, um zu töten – German title
O anthropos me to hryso pistoli – Greek title
L’uomo dalla pistol d’oro – Italian title
Mannen med de gyllen pistolen – hamnare foe dollar – Swedish title
Doc, Hands of Steel – English title
The Man with the Golden Gun – English title
The Man Who Came to Kill – English title

A 1965 Spanish, Italian co-production [P.C. Balcázar (Barcelona), West Film, Flora Film (Rome)]
Producers: Carlos Bove, Roberto Palaggi
Director: Alfonso Balcázar (Alfonso Granda)
Story: Miguel Cusso, Alfonso Balcázar (Alfonso Granda)
Screenplay: Giovanni Simonelli, Alfonso Balcázar (Alfonso Granda)
Dialogue: José Antonio de la Loma (José Hernandez) [Spanish dialogue]
Cinematography: Mario Capriotti, Stelvio Massi [Eastmancolor, Total Scope]
Music: A.F. Lavagnino (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Song: “Golden Gun” sung by The Wilder Brothers
Running time: 103 minutes

Doc MacGregor/Doc Malvin/ Larry Kitchner/Magic Hand – Carl Möhner (Karl Möhner)
Slade/Slater Carroll – Luis Dávila (Hector Gonzalez)
Norma O’Connor - Gloria Milland (Maria Fiè)
Broga – Umbert Raho
Bob O’Connor – Loris Doddi (Loris Loddi)
Sheriff - Franco Balducci
With: Óscar Pellicer, Irene Mir, Juanita Espín, Pedro Gil, Daniella Gouzzi, Carlos Ronda, Dario De Grassi, Eva Maran (Evaristo Maran), Franco Balducci

Doc MacGregor, aka Manos de Plata, a former physician, gambler and drunkard, has fled because of a bounty on his head. He’s been accused of the murder of Larry Kitchner, known as "The Man with the Golden Gun". To escape the pursuance of Slade, a well-known bounty hunter, Doc passes for Larry. Reaching Balbosas, a small village, he’s given a warm welcome: Larry, in fact, had been called to defend the village from the constant harassment of the bandit Reyes. Making the best of a bad lot, Doc-Larry starts to play the part of the gunfighter even when Slade arrives in the village, who, suspecting the other's identity, gets hired as a deputy sheriff. The battle rages fierce and dangerous, because Broga, an unsuspecting notable of the country, is secretly allied with Reyes. However, Doc and Larry Slade, temporary allies, succeed in the difficult task of exposing and defeating Broga and Reyes. Fighting fiercely and courageously on the same side, puts Doc-Larry in a very different light in the eyes of Slade, who forgets about collecting the bounty.


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  1. I wish I had a golden gun like the one Doc had. I would probably never shoot it but it WOULD make a great collectible. A "safe queen" if you will. And fancy too.