Saturday, June 16, 2012


Violence a Oklahoma – French title
Oklahoma John – der Sheriff von Rio Rojo – German title
Oklahoma Colt – Greek title
Il ranch degli spietati – Italian title
O Homen de Oklahoma – Portuguese title
Oklahoma John – Spanish title
A Man, a Horse, a Gun – English title
The Man from Oklahoma – English title

A 1964 Spanish, Italian, West German co-production [Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas (Barcerlona, Cineproduzioni Associati (Rome), International Germania Film (Cologne)]
Producers: Giuseppe & Mario Maggi, Fernando Russo, Alfonso Balcázar
Director: Robert M. White (Roberto Montero), Jaime Jesús Balcázar
Story: Giuseppe Maggi
Screenplay: Helmut Harun, Giuseppe Maggi, Alfonso Balcázar, Simon O’Neil (Giovanni Simonelli)
Cinematography: Joseph L. Tower (Giuseppe La Torre) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Frank Mason (Francesco DeMasi)
Running time: 99 minutes

Sheriff Oklahoma John/Thomas Hunter/Dan Cross – Rick Horn
Georgina White – Sabine Bethmann
Ryan/Rod Edwards – George Herzig (Georg Herzig)
Hondo – Charles Alberty (Karl-Otto Alberty)
Steve Watson – Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Ken Hogg – John McDouglas (Giuseppe Addobbati)
Señora Hogg – Leontine May
Michael Edwards – Remo de Angelis
Mike Edwards’ henchman – Juan Torres
Rod Edwards – Joseph Calvo (José Calvo)
Randy – Ivan Scratuglia
Jose – Ted Rudy (Fermando Rubio)
Chuck – Jesús Puche
Criado - Edward Lewis (Eduardo Lizarza)
Saloon girl – Carmen Gallen (Carmen Guardón)
With: Maria de Nieva, Antonio Almoros (Ramón Almorós), Leontine May (Leontine Mariotta), Jesús Puente (Jesús Alzaga), Juan Torres

Oklahoma John, the new sheriff, arrives in a small dusty western town and goes to work on convicting his predecessor's killer and identifying the culprit who murdered a local girl's father in cold blood. John’s job is to clean up the small town that has been taken over by the sadistic rancher Rod Edwards. Beginning to suspect that Rod's ruthless ranch hands were the ones who killed the former sheriff. Gathering enough evidence to convict foreman Hondo and Rod's son Jim of the crime won't be easy, and to make matters worse the man who shot Georgiana White's father is still walking free. With the help of his faithful deputies, however, Dan is able to toss the book at a corrupt local banker Steve Watson and unearth the evidence that ties all the recent crimes together.


  1. IMDB and this site
    claim that "Rick Horn" is former Judo World Champion Anton Geesink.

  2. Sorry but he's not. One of the posters at the Spaghetti Western Database even talked with a relative of Anton's (I think a son) who stated he never made that film or any other western.

  3. Okay, when I compare
    this movie pic,1313651.html
    with this image from 1965
    I agree that it's not the same person

  4. When Anton Geesink passed away in 2010 I posted an obit on the Spaghetti western board and was taken to the cleaners when I stated he was Rick Horn. They proved to me through photos and the above conversation that they were not the same person. So like Chet Bakon, Rick Horn remains a mystery.

  5. Biltmore: Sorry to hear that.