Tuesday, June 12, 2012


L’uomo della velle maledetta – Italian title
El hombre del valle maldito – Spanish title
Boudine – Spanish title
Pistoleiro do vale madito – Brazilian title
L’homme de la vallee maudite – French title
Der Rancher vom Colorado River – German title
Cursed Valley – English title
The Man from the Cursed Valley – English title

A 1964 Italian, Spanish co-production [P.E.A. (Rome), Cooperativa Cinematografica Fenix (Madrid)]
Producer: Paul Mough (Paolo Moffa)
Director: Omar Hopkins (Siro Marcellini)
Story: E.M. Brochero (Eduardo Manzanos Brochero), Eduardo Di Lorenzo
Screenplay: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, Eduardo Di Lorenzo
Dialogue: Meyer Glickman [English]
Cinematography: Remo Grisanti, Alfredo Fraile (Alfredo Peña) [Eastmancolor Totalscope]
Music: Francesco DeMasi, Manuel Parada (Manuel de la Puente)
Running time: 84 minutes

Johnny Walcott – Ty Hardin (Orison Hungerford Jr.)
Gwen Burnett – Irán Eory (Elvira Sidi)
Torito – Peter Larry (Piero Leri)
Sam Burnett – José Nieto
Father Ryan – John Bartha (Janos Barta)
Apache - Rafael Albaicín (Ignacio Escudero)
Outlaws - Joe Camel (Giuseppe Frisaldi), Phil Posner (Philip Posner)
With: José Marco (José Rossello), W. Hacobre, Giovanni Petti (Giovanni Petrucci), Albert Lockwood (Luigi Induni)

Gwen is married against the wishes of his father Burnett, to an Indian named Torito, and live with  his tribe. An enemy tribe kidnaps Gwen, but she escapes and is rescued by Johnny, a cowboy who, after having made ​​sure Gwen is alright goes to Burnett to convince him to let his daughter recover from the ordeal at his home. Gwen, meanwhile, has been found by Torito which leads her to his hut where they are joined by Burnett and Johnny. Torito refuses to go live on Burnett’s ranch and Gwen decides to return alone with her father. The two are accompanied by Johnny who realizes that Gwen really loves her husband and decides to return to Torito to induce him to follow his wife. Meanwhile, the tribe of Indians who had kidnapped Gwen attacks Burnett’s ranch, who, after a violent battle, is killed with all his men while Gwen is kidnapped again. After another adventure, she is freed by Johnny and Torito.


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