Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who Are Those Guys? - Crispian Belfrage

                                                           Crispian is pictured on the left
Crispian Belfrage was born in London, England on October 20, 1971. Son of the legendary London agent Julian Rochfort Belfrage. He attended school at Milton Abbey from 1983-1988 and L.A.M.D.A. from 1993-1996, where he obtained a bachelor of arts in drama. Crispian has appeared in over 25 films and TV appearances beginning with his appearance as Lt. Harris on U.K. TV’s “Soldier Soldier” as well as producing two films. Among his film appearances were roles in Terence Hill’s TV westerns “Doc West” and “Triggerman” (both 2008) and Belfrage has been signed to appear in the upcoming Euro-western “One Step from Hell” directed by Danny Garcia scheduled to be filmed in Almeria, Spain this summer.
BELFRAGE, Crispian (aka Crispin Belfrage) [10/20/1971, London, England, U.K. -     ] - producer, TV actor.
Doc West (TV) - 2008 (Sam Lynchett)
Triggerman (TV) - 2008 (Sam Lynchett)
One Step from Hell - 2012


  1. Hi Tom. You'll want to update this page - that is certainly not Crispian in the photo!

  2. Photo changed. Previous photo came from German Terence Hill / Bud Spencer database and must have been misidentified. Thanks for the heads up.