Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday Lloyd Battista

Lloyd Battista was born on May 14, 1937 in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s spent a lifetime in theater and film which has produced an impressive list of credits. As an actor he has been seen on and off Broadway well over a dozen times ranging in vehicles as diverse as “Sexual Perversity” in Chicago to “The Homecoming” with The Royal Shakespeare Company. On television he has guest starred on countless prime time shows ranging from "Here's Lucy" and "Mission Impossible", to "Perry Mason" and "Walker, Texas Ranger". He has been seen in over a dozen movies made for television, plus Spelling Entertainment's mini-series of James Michener's "Texas". Battista is also recognizable from being a regular for five years on CBS's classic daytime drama, "Love of Life". In film appearances he's been killed by John Wayne, hit over the head by Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, been the President of Nicaragua, been a brother to Ringo Starr and rode into the sunset in several Spaghetti westerns where he always wore a black hat. Perhaps his favorite action sequence was his underwater struggle with Flipper in "Flippers New Adventure". His voice is easily recognized from the long running radio drama, CBS Mystery Theatre of the Air. He’s directed for the theater and radio, written screenplays for films and written poetry and is a restaurant critic. He appeared in and wrote screenplays for four Euro-westerns “The Silent Stranger” (1968), “Blindman” (1971), “Get Mean” (1975) and “Comin’ At Ya!” (1981). Today we celebrate Lloyd Battista’s 75th Birthday. 


  1. So happy to see this tribute to dear Lloyd. Fabulous actor and fabulous person! Happy birthday indeed!

    1. Battista cousin in Cleveland wanting to make contact

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite friend!!Have a GREAT year!
    Maryann Curmi

  3. Happy Birthday to one of the cool, handsome, talented and kind. Nice tribute!

  4. 37 was a great year it produced some great old wines with lots of body abd spirit. Happy Birtday Lloyd. Joe Tawil

  5. Lucy Chase WilliamsMay 14, 2012 at 2:05 PM

    A gentleman and a scholar. One hell of a writer. Deceptively competitive on the links. The best-read person I will ever know. And yeah, pretty good-looking too. (But Gibby Brand is a MUCH better actor. ;)

    Love from us both, and bestest of birthday wishes to a dear friend. LCW & GB

  6. Apparently our friend Lloyd has quite a way with the women.;)

  7. Good to get a better idea of all you have accomplished! very impressive! All the best! George Pettit

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