Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Vestens mystiske Haevner – Danish title
Hurja teksasilainen – Finnish title
Texan le magnifique – French title
Desperado - Der geheimnisvolle Rächer – German title
Il magnifico Texano – Italian title
Diez horcas para un pistolero – Spanish title
El magnifico Texano – Spanish title
El Desperado – Swedish title
Hardingarna fran Texas – Swedish title
The Magnificent Texan – English title

A 1967 Italian, Spanish co-production [Selenia Cinematografica (Rome), R.M. Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Ferdinando Felicion
Director: Lewis King (Luigi Capuano)
Story: Robert Keaton (Arpad de Riso), Lewis King (Luigi Capuano)
Screenplay: Robert Keaton (Arpad de Riso), Lewis King (Luigi Capuano), E. Martínez Remís Martínez (Manuel Martínez Remís)
Cinematography: Pablo Ripoll [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Frank Mason (Francesco De Masi)
Running time: 103 minutes

Manuel Lopez/Pedro Madera/El Desperado – Glenn Saxson (Roel Bos)
Blackie Stark – John Barracuda (Giuseppe Serato)
Judge Wilkins – Beny Deus (Venancio Mejuto)
Evelyn Wilkins – Barbara Loy (Maria Gentilini)
Sheriff – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
William Thompson – George Greenwood (Giorgio Cerioni)
Carmen Perera – Gloria Osuna
Chico – Nerik Berkoff (Nerio Bernardi)
Estella – Lola Larson (Fulvia Franco)
José Pereira – Richard Stark (Glauco Onorato)
Corinne Wilkins – Helen Wart (Ana Miserocchi)
Corina – Mary Sullivan (Azzurra Pamphilli)
Jimmy Stark – Riccardo Pizzuti
Stark henchman – Osiride Pevarello, Ignazio Balsamo, Roberto Messina
Barman – Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
Townsman – Eli Angelucci
With: Richard Garrett (Ricardo Garrone), Patricia Carr (Rosella Bergamonte)

In Santa Clara, the town is overrun by a gang of robbers which the sheriff can do nothing about because Judge Wilkins is always able to prove their innocence, and to lay the blame on the local Mexican population. The fact is that Wilkins is the true leader of the band and massacres and violence continue until a mysterious masked stranger appears in town, who is none other than Manuel Lopez, a child that miraculously survived the massacre of his family fifteen years earlier. For the love of Evelin, the only daughter of Judge Wilkins, Manuel clears his soul of revenge, by deciding to return justice to the area. With the help of the sheriff and some of his Mexican friends, the young man eliminates the gang, while Judge Wilkins is killed by his own wife, falling prey to the madness. Manuel and Evelin can now live in peace in the countryside where peace has returned.


  1. Just found out that Film Forum in NYC is running a Spaghetti Western festival this summer from June 1 to June 21.

  2. Yes, I'll be posting the schedule of films on Thursday May 10, 2012.