Friday, May 25, 2012


Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe – Italian title
Apocalipsis Joe – Spanish title
El dia del juicio – Spanish title
Um Homem Chamado Apocalipse – Brazilian title
Groeten ad duivel – Dutch title
Un homme nommé Apocalypse – French title
Spiel dein Spiel und töte, Joe – German title
Monomahia sto asimenio farangi – Greek title
Apocalipse Joe - Portuguese title
His Name was Joe Clifford – U.K. title
A Man Called Joe Cliffors – U.K. title
Apocalypse Joe – English title
A Man Called Apocalypse Joe – U.S.A. title

A 1970 Italian, Spanish co-production [Transeuropa, Italian International (Rome), Copercines (Madrid)]
Producers: Jose Antonio, Eduardo Manzanos Brochero
Director: Leopoldo Savona
Story: Eduardo Manzanos (Eduardo Brochero)
Screenplay: Leopoldo Savona
Cinematography: Julio Ortas (Julio Plaza), Franco Villa [Eastmancolor]
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Running time: 96 minutes

Joe Clifford/Apocalypse Joe – Anthony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe)
Berg – Eduardo Fajardo
Rita – Mary Paz Pondal (Maria Paz Pondal)
Brandon/Braddox – Stelio Candelli
Mildred – Veronica Korosec (Veronika Korosec)
Doc Klan – Fernando Cerulli
Sheriff Floyd – Giulio Barachini (Giulio Baraghini)
Bodo – Fernando Bilbao
Moe – Gilberto Galimberti
Berg henchmen – Riccardo Pizzuti, Bruno Arié
Al – Silvano Spadaccino
1st Sheriff – Miguel del Castillo
Aunt Wila – Flora Carosello
Brother Antonio – Renato Lupi
Berg henchman – Angelo Susani
Bandits – Artemio Antonini, Omero Capanna
With: Virginia García, Hugo Adinolfi (Ugo Adinolfi), Sergio Sagnotti

Joe Clifford, a young actor who wanders the West reciting Shakespearean soliloquies on village squares, inherits from an uncle a gold mine and going to possess it, discovers that the mine has been taken from him in a swindle by town boss Berg. It seem Mr. Berge has registered the deed, but Joe soon learns that it was extorted from his uncle by violence. The crook, of course, tries to get rid of Clifford, but he is ably assisted by a brave barber and they succeed in the end after a furious gun battle, to eliminate Berg’s henchmen and take back possession of the mine, though, Joe prefers to leave the country forever.