Thursday, May 31, 2012


Sie nannten ihn Gringo – German title
Jagt den Gringo zur Holle – German title
Ena pistoli gia ton Gringo – Greek title
Ton elegan Gringo... kai ixere na skotoni! – Greek title
Lo sceriffo non paga il Sabato – Italian title
La ley del forasteo – Spanish title
Regresa un pistolero – Spanish title
Gringo Derler Adima – Turkish title
The Man Called Gringo – English title

A 1965 German, Italian, Spanish co-production [International Germania Films (Cologne), Domiziana Films (Rome), Procusa Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Dr. Alfons Carcasona
Director: Roy Rowland
Story: Francisco Gonzálvez   
Screenplay: Francisco Gonzálvez, Clarke Reynolds, Helmutr Harun
Cinematography: Mel Merino (Manuel Merino) [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Heinz Gietz, Peter Piccioni (Gian Piero Piccioni)
Running time: 91 minutes

Sheriff Mace Carson – Götz George
Ken Denton – Helmut Schmid
Lucy – Alexandra Stewart
Gringo – Dan Martín (José Martínez)
Reno – Sieghardt Rupp
Martin – Peter Tordy (Pietro Tordi)
Kate Rowland – Silvia Solar (Geneviève Couzain)
Mac Franco Lantieri
Tinnie – Hilario Flores
Pecos - Julio César Semper (Julio César Sempere)
Dave Walton – Hugo Pimentel
Tim Walton - Valentino Macchi

In the town of Silver Springs, a crooked lawyer Ken Denton, a wolf in sheep's clothes, is following his plans for revenge. He aims to ruin the old rancher Martin, who once killed his father, and then plans to take over the Freight Company. Denton appoints Martin's lost son Gringo, now a drifting soldier of fortune as the leader of a gang in order to either drive the rancher off his property or kill him. When the sheriff is killed Denton frames Martin’s son to make it look like he committed the crime. The governor sends Mace Carson to Silver Springs to replace the sheriff and restore law and order.



  1. This is the title track from the film:

  2. hello tom just saw and heard of your blog from the wild east El ROJO DVD so that how i found this very wonderful page fully of spaghetti western knowledge love your blog and now i am a follower i have a lot to reading to catch up on lol but i am a 40 year male who just loves the genre more then any other out there and this is another awesome source for info and i applaud you for you great job and hope you continue to do so for many years to come cheers have a great day

  3. I now what you're thinking and yes. I AM going to remake this film. But the remake will be called, "I Am Gringo" and will focus on a Pinkerton agent by the name of John Benjamin "Gringo" Harker who is falsely accused of the murder of a prominent cattle baron by the name of Donovan. The sheriff at first believes he's guilty until he discovers that the real culprit, a man named Cooper, did the deed himself and blamed Gringo for it. I will play the role of Arizona Colt, Cooper's right hand man who is ordered to kill the cattle baron. This film will pay tribute to all the Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s and 70s. I hope to film this Western in Mexico in the near future. Wish me lots of luck as always.