Friday, May 11, 2012

Guess Who I Am

I was born in the Netherlands in 1942

I appeared in over 20 films during my career.

I used an alias in the five Euro-westerns I starred in

Guess who I am.

Chris Casey correctly identified this week's photo as that of Glenn Saxson real name Roel Bos.


  1. That is Glenn Saxson!
    I can't recall his real name, at the moment. I am thinking his last name is Bos or Boz, though.

  2. My favorite Saxson film is VAYA CON DIOS, GRINGO!
    I think it is a very entertaining film that doesn't get enough attention.

  3. Correct Chris. Real name is Roel Bos.

  4. Being from the Netherlands, I am quite surprised that Glenn Saxson is Dutch. I read it here first. Thanks.

  5. the love of my life since l was a little girl

  6. Glenn Saxson. His real name is Roel Bos. Sometimes, he is credited under his own name but in Westerns, he used the name Glenn Saxson.