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Testa a croce - Italian titlE
Munt of kruis voor de la laatste kugel - Dutch title
Cara o cruz - Spanish title
Black Talisman - Filipino title
La dernière balle à pile ou face - French title
Blutrache einer Geschändeten - German title
Nacht der Rache - German title
Cara o cruz - Spanish title
Krona eller klave - Swedish title
Tail You Lose - English title
Heads or Tails - English title

A 1968 Italian production [Tirrenia Studios (Livorno), Golden Gate Film (Rome)]
Producer: Jolanda Benvenuti
Director: Peter E. Stanley (Piero Pierotti)
Story: Piero Pierotti
Screenplay: Piero Pierotti
Cinematography: Fausto Zuccoli [Tecnhnicolor, widescreen]
Music: Carlo Savina
Song: "Arizona’s Waiting" sung by Raoul (Ettore Lo Vecchio)
Running time: 95 minutes


Will Hunter/Bill Abilene/William Huston/Black Talisman – John Ericson (Joseph Meibes)
Shanda Lee - Sheyla Rosin
Sybille Burton - Daniela Surina
Sheriff – Franco Lantieri
Manuela - Edwige Fenech (Edwige Sfenech)
Serpent/Bear/Buck Loren – Pasquale Basile
Holt - Isarco Ravaioli (Isacco Ravaioli),
Rhett – Franco Daddi
Minoa - Silvana Bacci
Doc - Renato Navarrini
Rose Bud – Loris Gizzi
Roderick Burton – Ugo Paglia
Misery - Pinuccio Ardia (Rodolfo Ardia)
Lilly - Dada Gallotti (Alba Gallotti)
Saloon girl - Antoinetta Fiorito, Maria Teresa Piaggio

Shanda, who is the star attraction of the Plata City saloon, is accused of killing the banker Burton. To keep her from being lynched by the Quaker women in the area, the sheriff sends Shanda, with two of his deputies to Phoenix for trial, during the journey, they encounter a shady character named Bear, the three rape the saloon girl and leave her in the desert. The young woman is found by an outlaw named Black Talisman, who takes her to an abandoned town where he has taken refuge along with two Indians. Here Shanda recovers her health, while the bandit falls in love with her. Talisman returns to Plata City to try and exonerate Shanda. He pretends to be a gambler and kills the two deputies, then goes in search of Bear. Sybille, the widow of the banker confesses that she was the one behind the killing of her husband by Bear. Talisman goes to the hut of Bear, where he forces him to sign a statement admitting his guilt, but at that moment Sybille arrives and threatens to kill Talisman and Bear. They manage to disarm and leave her stunned in the hut which catches fire from a fallen lamp. The sheriff is given the confession of Bear. Talisman tells the sheriff that according to his desire, if he is ever killed or captured the reward on his head is to be paid to Shanda. Concluding the pact, Talisman returns to the abandoned town and Shanda.

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