Wednesday, July 20, 2011


...E lo chiamarono Spirito Santo - Italian title
Son nom est Sacramento - French title
O keravnos tis paranomias - Greek title
They Called Him Spirito Santo - English title
And His Name was Holy Ghost - English title
He was Called the Holy Ghost - English title

A 1971 Italian, French co-production [CEPA Cinematografica (Rome), Les Films Jacques Leitienne (Paris)]
Producers: Frano Vitolo, Jacques Leitienne
Director: Robert Johnson (Roberto Mauri)
Story: Roberto Mauri
Screenplay: Roberto Mauri
Cinematography: Mario Mancini [Telecolor, CineScope]
Music: Carlo Savina
Running time: 92 minutes

Spirito Santo/Holy Ghost/Sacramento/Jack Fulton - Vassili Karis (Vassili Karamesinis)
Indian Sheriff - Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Consuela - Margaret Rose (Margaret Keil)
Foster/Forster - Hunt Powers (Jack Betts)
Steve - José Torres (José Medina)
Spirito Santo/Holy Ghost/Sacramento/Jack Fulton’s mother - Lina Franchi
horse merchant - Aristid Caporali
squaw - Jolanda Modio
soldier - Vittorio Fanfoni
slave - Salvatore Baccaro
with: Omero Capanna, Carlo Giordana, Lorenzo Piani, Bruno Salvi, Bruno Arié, Alfonso Sarlo

The owner of a ranch bails the Holy Ghost out of jail and hires him to rob a train robbery of a shipment of gold. The Holy Ghost hires some men, and robs the train which leads to the death of Consuela (daughter of the owner of the ranch and loved by the Holy Ghost): The ranch owner accuses the Holy Ghost who is forced to kill him. An Indian Sheriff who turns out to be Consuela’s brother and is convinced the Holy Ghost is guilty, arrests the Holy Ghost and takes him to testify at a trial. The Holy Ghost could easily kill the sheriff, but he resists the temptation and prefers instead to tell him that his sister's death is due to two white assailants seconds before he could rescue her.

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