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Il bello, il brutto, il cretino - Italian title
El guapo, el feo y el cretino - Spanish title
The Beautiful, the Bad and the Idiotic - English title
The Handsome, the Bad and the Idiotic - English title
The Handsome, the Ugly and the Stupid - English title

A 1967 Italian, German co-production [Claudia Cinematografica (Rome), Tefi Filmproduktion(Munich)]
Producer: Gino Mordini
Director: Gianni Grimaldi (Giovanni Grimaldi)
Story: Giovanni Grimaldi
Screenplay: Giovanni Grimaldi
Cinematography: Aldo Marini (Aldo Giordani) [Kodakcolor, widescreen]
Music: Lallo Gori (Coriolano Gori)
Running time: 92 minutes

‘The Stupid’ - Franco Franchi (Francesco Benenato)
‘The Ugly’ - Ciccio Ingrassia (Francesco Ingrassia)
‘The Handsome’ - Mimmo Palmara (Domenico Palmara)
Captain Imbriatella - Lothar Guntener (Lotar Gunther)
1st sheriff - Peter Jacob (Pietro Ceccarelli)
prisoner - Enzo Andronico (Vincenco Andronico)
Fabienne - Brigitt Petry
bookmaker - Gino Buzzanca (Gerolama Buzzanca)
sergeant - Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia (Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia)
saloon patron - Artemio Antonini
saloon girl Mara Krupp
Mexican - Fortunato Arena
cowboys in dream - Pietro Torrisi, Omero Capanna
with: Eugenio Galadini, Bruno Scipioni, Massimo Serato (Giuseppi Serato), Puccio Ceccarelli (Lanfranco Ceccarelli), Alfredo Adami

Franco is a bounty hunter, while Ciccio is a wanted bandit. With the complicity of Ciccio, Franco delivers him to the sheriffs of various settlements that cross their path, and pockets the rewards. When Ciccio is about to be hanged, Franco saves him by shooting the rope. One day, however, Franco accidentally lets Ciccio hang. Believing his companion dead, Franco tries to forget by playing poker at the saloon. Here, blatantly cheating, he wins a large sum of money that attracts Fabienne, a waitress in the saloon. The two have a chat in private and, while Franco embraces the woman, she holds a gun behind his back, because she wants the money he has won. Franco tries to recover the money by playing more poker, but loses everything. Leaving the saloon, he does not realize that Ciccio is sitting on his horse and that he is by no means dead. He managed to escape thanks to the "collar of Santa Rosalia". Ciccio wants revenge against Franco for letting him almost die and takes him into the desert to suffer great heat and thirst Franco implores Ciccio to shorten his sufferings by shooting him. While wandering in the desert the two encounter a Confederate sergeant who trusts them and at the point of death reveals the place where he has buried a treasure. The two crooks each know one only half of the location for the recovery of the loot: Ciccio knows the name of the cemetery, while Franco knows the name of the grave. The two agree to split the money fifty-fifty, and set out on the trail of the gold. They do not know, however, that also searching for those dollars is another character: "Handsome". After a long journey, (They are first made Confederate Army prisoners then volunteer to enlist in the Union army), the two companions reach the cemetery. Here, however, they are met by the Handsome, who retrieves the box full of dollars. Just when Handsome is about to mount his horse, he is confronted by Fabienne, who runs away with the dollars. All three are stunned, but agree to the idea of forming a trio unsurpassed, with Franco and Ciccio as "wanted men", and Handsome as a bounty hunter.

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