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Hannie Caulder - U.K.
Un colt pour trois saopards - French title
In einem Sattel mit dem Tod - German title
La Texana e i fratelli penitenza - Italian title
Hannie Caulder - Mexican title
Ana Caulder - Spanish title
Jakten pa broderna Clemens - Swedish title
Osveta Hane Holder - Yugoslavian title
Hannie Caulder - U.S.A. title

A 1970 British, U.S.A. co-production [Curtwel Productions, Tigon British Film Productions, Ltd. (London), Paramount Pictures (Hollywood)]
Producer: Robert Goodstein, Patrick Curtis
Director: Burt Kennedy
Story: Peter Cooper
Screenplay: Z.X. Jones (David Haft, Burt Kennedy)
Cinematography: Edward Scaife [Eastmancolor, Panavision]
Music: Ken Thorne (Kenneth Thorne)
Songs: "Hannie Caulder", "Life’s Never Peaceful" sung by Bobby Hanna (Robert Faulds)
Running time: 85 minutes

Hannie Caulder - Raquel Welch (Jo Tejada)
Thomas Luther Price - Robert Culp
Emmett Clemens - Ernest Borgnine (Ermes Borgnino)
Frank Clemens - Jack Elam (William Elam)
Rufus Clemens - Strother Martin (Strother Martin, Jr.)
Bailey - Christopher Lee
Madame - Diana Dors (Diana Fluck)
‘The Preacher’ - Stephen Boyd (William Millar)
Sam Adams - Brian Lightburn
Mexican Captain - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
with: Luis Barboo

After a disastrous bank robbery attempt, the inept Clemens brothers are on the run. The Clemens kill the husband of Hannie Caulder, rape her, burn down her house, steal the couple’s horses and leave her for dead. The Clemens then go on a crime spree, but nothing pays off. Caulder recruits professional bounty hunter Thomas Luther Price to teach her how to use a gun and help her seek revenge on the Clemens brothers. The pair team up and travel to Mexico where gunsmith Bailey makes her a special weapon. She then locates the Clemens boys but Price is killed and Hannie must face the brothers alone. She eliminates them one by one and rides off with a mysterious Preacher who had visited Bailey’s home while he was making her gun.

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  1. Biltmore: Britsh is spelt wrong.

  2. Corrected. Thank you Biltmore. Tom Betts

  3. The French title... 'A COLT FOR THREE BASTARDS',
    bastard is salopard.