Friday, July 22, 2011

The Headless Rider

Vsadnik bez golovy - Russian title
Reiter ohne Kopf - German title
Jezdziec bez glowy - Polish title
Peata ratsanik - kummaline lugu Texasest - Estonian title
The Headless Rider - English title

A 1969 U.S.S.R, Cuban co-production [Lenfilm (Moscow)]
Producer: Gracha Mekinyan, Yakov Rivosh
Director: Vladimir Vajnstok
Story: ‘The Headless Rider’ by Thomas Mayne Reed
Screenplay: Vladimir Vladimirov (Vladimir Vajnshtok), Pavel Finn (Pavel-Khalfin)
Cinematography: Konstantin Ryzhov [black & white, color]
Music: Nikita Bogoslovsky
Running time: 104 minutes

Morris/Maurice Gerald - Oleg Vidov
Louise Poindexter - Ludmila Savelyeva (Lyudmila Savelyeva)
Isidora Cavarubina - Eslinda Núñez (Eslinda Pérez)
Miguel Diaz - Enriques Santiesteban
Woodley Poindexter - Alejandro Lugo
Cassius Calhoun - Aarne Yukskiulla (Aarne Ukskula)
Zeb Stump - Ivan Petrov (Hans Krause)
major - Rolando Dias Reyes
Henry Poindexter - Aleksandr Milokostyi
judge - Platon Leslie (Platon Lesli)
Pluton - Alfonso Gonzales
singer - Fara Maria
with: Oleg Popov, V. Belovotsky (Viktor Belovotsky), V. Iontov, Ye. Kharkevich (Yevgeni Kharkevich), A. Kosmachevsky, N. Lezgishvili, V. Molodkin, D. Zechkaryov, Vladimir Vajnshtok, V. Vesyolkin (Vladimir Vesyolkin), A. Vladimirov, A. Yefimov (Aleksei Yefimov)

Texas in the 19th century. The War with Mexico is still a recent memory, marauding Comanches are a daily threat for new settlers of the Lone Star State. Louise Poindexter, a beautiful newcomer, is courted by two men - the arrogant and vindictive Cassius Calhoun and the dashing but poor cowboy Morris/Maurice Gerald. Calhoun plots to eliminate his rival when tragedy strikes: Louise's brother, the young Henry Poindexter is murdered. All clues point to Morris/Maurice Gerald as the assassin. At the same time an eerie rider is spotted in the environs of the Poindexter plantation - a horseman without a head! Is it the ghost of Henry Poindexter crying out for revenge? Is it the Devil himself laying claim to the blood-tainted land? Many puzzling and frightful events will take place before the mystery of the Headless Horseman is solved and the murderer of Henry Poindexter is brought before Justice.

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