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Die Blutigen Geier von Alaska - German title
Die Geier vom Shilo-River - German title
Deadly Eagle - German title
Die Hollenhunde von Alaska - German title
Monomahia stin pagomeni koilada - Greek title
Krvavi jastrebovi Aljaske - Yugoslavian title
Blodig gull - Finnish title
Verijalkia Alaskassa - Finnish title
La lunga pista dei lupi - Italian title
Wcielone diably Alaski - Polish title
Los blancos colmillos de Alaska - Spanish title
Blodspar i Alaska - Swedish title
Alaskian - ? title
Fight for Gold - U.S.A. title
The Hellhounds of Alaska - U.S.A. title

A 1972 German, Yugoslavian co-production [Lisa Film (Munich), Padran Film (Zagreb)]
Producer: Gunter Sturm
Director: Harald Reinl
Story: Kurt Nachmann
Screenplay: Kurt Nachmann, Johannes Weiß
Cinematography: Heinz Hölscher [Eastmancolor, Supercinescope]
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Running time: 100 minutes

Don/Ron Rutland - Doug McClure (Douglas McClure)
Mark Monty - Harald Leipnitz
Betty - Angelica Ott
Ham-A-Ham - Roberto Blanco (Roberto Zerquera)
Lapporte - Klaus Lowitsch
Rose Cotton - Kristina Nel
Captain Brandy - Heinz Reincke (Karl-Heinz Reincke)
Sanders - Kurt Bulau (Kurt Bulwatsch)
Buffins - Miha Baloh (Mihail Baloh)
Doc - Branko Spoljar
Frank Fox - Ilija Ivezic
Shat - Mirco Roman (Mirko Boman)
hotel owner - Vladimir Medar
Achua-hua - Voyo Govedarica (Vojislav Govedaric)
with: Ivan Stimac, Fabro Konjhodzic (Fahro Konjhodzic), Vladimir Krstulovic

During the peak of the Alaskan gold rush, an old prospector is mining gold in caves under an Inuit burial ground. He and his son Billy are injured when a tunnel collapses. A trapper named Don Rutland happens by and rescues Billy, who needs urgent medical attention. Don then tells the prospector he’ll take him on his dog sled to the nearest town. After Don departs with Billy, the injured prospector stays behind, unaware of the angry natives who are watching him from the woods. Everything is set up for a tale of cursed gold, vengeful spirits and vicious huskies.

Upon reaching town Don entrusts the unconscious Billy to Sheriff Cotton, who is escorting a wagon load of gold from Camp Kino to Paradise Creek. He then returns to the prospector, just as the old man dies from an attack by the Indians. With his dying breath, the prospector entrusts Billy’s care to Don.

Meanwhile the gold shipment is ambushed. Buffins - the scout responsible for the ambush - returns to town with a tale of his harrowing escape from the bandits on the trail. The townfolk hail him as a hero and instantly give him the late Sheriff's job. He immediately begins riling up the townsfolk, making them suspicious of the local tavern keeper - the only man who didn't send his gold along on the shipment.

Don teams up with Rose (the late Sheriff's daughter) and Ham (a wandering bare-knuckle boxer) to expose Buffins and rescue Billy from the vicious bandits who have adopted him and nursed him back to health in order to obtain the kid’s gold mine. Don and Billy return to the wilds of the Alaskan wilderness.

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