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L'odio è il mio Dio - Italian title
Il Nero - Haß war sein Gebet - German title
Il Nero - der Toter - German title
Kostaja saapyy Coloradoon - Finnish title
I avgi tou misous - Greek title
Olmeden Oldur - Turkish title
Hatred of God - English title  
Hate is My God - English title

A 1969 Italian, German co-production [L.B. Film (Rome), Fonofilm (Berlin), Parnas Film (Munich)]
Producers: Liliana Biancini, Theo Maria Werner, Fernando Cinquini
Director: Claudio Gora (Emilio Giordana)
Story: Pietro Anchisi (Piero Anchisi), Vincenzo Cerami, Claudio Gora (Emilio Giordana), Werner Hauff, Siegfried Kramer
Screenplay: Pietro Anchisi (Piero Anchisi), Vincenzo Cerami, Claudio Gora (Emilio Giordana)
Cinematography: Luciano Trasatti [Eastmancolor]
Music: Pippo Franco (Francesco Pippo)
Song: "L’Americana" sung by Pippo Franco (Francesco Pippo)
Running time: 95 minutes

Il Nero/Blacky/Carl - Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Steve/Vincent Kearney - Carlo Giordana
young Steve/Vincent Kearney - Giusva Fioravanti)
Carter - Herbert Fleischmann
Sweetley - Venantino Venantini (Enrico Venantini)
Field - Claudia Gora (Emilio Giordana)
Judge Smith - Herbert Fux
traveling minstrel - Pippo Franco (Franco Pippo)
prostitute - Marina Berti (Elena Bertolini)
with: Piero Anchisi (Pier Anchisi), Peter Dane (Edward Voigt), Ursula Davis (Pier Quaglia), Giglio Gigli, Ella Karin (Halina Zalewska), Mario Mandalari, Franco Pasquetto (Gianfranco Pasquetto) Gunther Philipp (Gunther Placheta), Alberto Pozzilli, Gerardo Rossi, Isa Sala, Paolo Todisco, Fortunato Arena, Luciano Rossi

The leaders of a small town in Big Spring, Colorado, are unable to get the rights to the land of a peasant, Stephen Kearney, so they unjustly accuse him of murder and hang him. Vincent the young brother of Stephen swears revenge. After eight years, and becoming an adult but struck dumb from the shock of seeing his brother hung, he returns to Big Spring and begins his work: First killed is Judge Smith, who he stabs, in front of his wife. Another guilty townsman Field hires a gunslinger named Sweetly and his gang to protect him. In his struggle for revenge Vincent is helped by a strange character, Nero, about whom no one knows his identity or intentions. The last two, the hangman and the banker Carter, however, make their task difficult. Vincent manages to kill the first, but the other, even though tied to a window by his feet by Nero, is defended by Sweetly, a famous gunslinger, and his men. In a fierce gun duel Nero manages to kill Sweetly is killed, and Vincent’s revenge is complete. It turns our Sweetly had murdered Nero’s family.

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