Monday, July 25, 2011

Almeria Western Film Festival

The Almería Western Film Festival is the first European festival dedicated exclusively to the Western genre and it stands as a meeting place for the Western cinema worldwide.
Scheduled films to be screened:
"6 Guns" - U.S.A.
"Aballay" - Argentina
"Dead West" - U.S.A.
"Doc West" - Italy
"Goodnight for Justice" - U.S.A.
"Les aventures borgnes de Diaz le clairvoyant" - France
"Rango" U.S.A.
"Rapaces" - France
"Redemption" - U.S.A.
"Scape" - U.S.A.
"Snowblind" - Germany
"The Dead and the Damned" - U.S.A.
"The Gundown" - U.S.A.
"The Price" - U.S.A.
"The Scarlet Worm" - U.S.A.
"The Mountie" - Canada
"The Warriors Way" - New Zealand
"Yahsi Bati" - Turkey

Jurors: Fabio Testi, Eugenio Martin, Al Mathews, Carlos Aguilar

Guest Appearances: Frank Brana, Saturno Cerra, Antonio Pica, Antonio Ruiz, Nicoletta Machiavelli
September 8-11, 2011

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  1. ask at Nicoletta Machiavelli the place station Esperenza...