Friday, December 31, 2010

Who are Those Guys? - Ennio Balbo

Ennio Balbo was born on April 18, 1922 in Naples, Italy. He studied acting at the Sharoff Academy in Rome. After World War II he joined Paola Bourbons acting troop. It was here he met his wife actress Dora Calindri [1911-2002] who was the sister of actor Ernesto Calindri [1909-1999]. Balbo was almost 40 years-old before he began his full-time career as an actor. He would go on to appear in 45 films from 1958 until 1988. Balbo also appeared often on TV and was a film dubber voicing in Italian the voices of Norman Fell, George Kennedy and Sebastian Cabot. He was also heard in cartoons and television series. Ennio appeared in five Euro-westerns: “Day of Anger”, “Two Faces of the Dollar” both in 1967, “Gatling Gun” and “Two Pistols and a Coward” both 1968 and “The Stranger’s Gundown” (aka “Django the Bastard”) in 1969. Ennio Balbo died of a heart attack on June 18, 1989 in Rome. He was 67 years-old.

BALBO,Ennio (aka Enio Balbo Edward Bell, William Bosch) [4/18/1922, Naples, Compania, Italy - 7/18/1989, Rome, Lazio, Italy (hear tattack)] - married to actress Dora Calindri [1911-2002] (195?-1989).
Day of Anger - 1967 (Turner)
Two Faces of the Dollar - 1967 (gunsmith)
Gatling Gun- 1968 (Richard Gatling)
Two Pistols and a Coward - 1968 (townsman) [as Enio Balbo]
The Stranger’s Gundown - 1969 (storekeeper)

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  1. How interesting. He died on my birthday July 18th. But I was born in 1993 not 1989. But still. Yeah. Incredible actor. Saw him in "Day Of Anger" a long time ago. Wonderful guy.