Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Bruno Corazzari

Bruno Corazzari was born on December 30, 1940 in Castellerano, Italy and became one of the most recognized Italian faces in the Spaghetti Western genre. Usually playing villains and henchmen he’s probably best remembered for his role as Hertz, the Austrian, in “Adios, Sabata” (1971) with Yul Brynner and the barman in “Death Rides a Horse” (1968) with Lee Van Cleef. In all he appeared in 17 Euro-westerns from 1967's “Vengeance is Mine” with Gianni Garko to 1983's “Thunder Warrior” with Mark Gregory. He’s still active in films and TV where he rose to starring and supporting roles in the 1970s. Today we celebrate Bruno Corazzari’s 70th birthday.

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  1. He was given a rare opportunity to play the main villain of the 1970 Spanish Western, "Stagecoach Of The Condemned" as Tony Stevens with Richard Harrison as Wayne Sawyer. I've never seen the film but the trailer for it was amazing.