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El hombre que mató a Billy el Niño - Spanish title
...E divenne il più spietato bandito del sud - Italian title
Minä ammuin Billy the Kidin - Finnish title
L’homme qui a tue billy le kid - French title
Seine Steckbrief ist kein Heiligenbild - German title
Billy, o megalos paranomos - Greek title
O homen que matou Billy the Kid - Portuguese title
Mannen som skot ‘Billy the Kid’ Minä ammuin Billy the Kidin - Swedish title

A 1967 Spanish, Italian co-production [Aitor Film (Madrid), Kinesis Films (Rome)]
Producers: Silvio Pattistini, Ricardo Sanz
Director: J. Buchs (Julio Garcia)
Story: Julio Buchs (Julio Garcia), José Mallorqui, Federico de Urruti
Screenlay: Julio Buchs (Julio Garcia), Federico de Urruti
Cinematography: Miguel F. Mila (Miguel Fernández Mila), Domenico Scala [Eastmancolor
Music: Gianni Ferrio (Giovanni Ferrio)
Running time: 103 minutes

Billy Bonney - Peter Lee Lawrence (Karl Hirenbach)
Pat Garrett - Fausto Tozzi
Helen Tunstill - Diane Zura (Dianik Zurakowska)
Mrs. Bonney - Gloria Milland (Maria Fié)
Murphy - Carlos Casaravilla (Carlos Rios)
John Tunstill - Antonio Pica (Antonio Serrano)
MacGregor - Enrique Ávila
Peter MacGregor - Miguel Palenzuela
Heredia - José Canalejas
peddler - Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Mark Liston - Luis Rivera
vaquero - Barta Barry (Bernabe Barri)
Tunstill foreman - Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso Gonzalez)
Señor Huerte - Luis Prendes (Luis Estrada)
Señora Huerte - Margot Cottens (Margot Costa)
Philip Martin - Antonio Molino Rojo
townsmen - Luis Barboo, Santiago Rivero, Miguel Armario
MacGregor henchman - Emilio Rodriquez
Francisco - Tito Garcia (Pablo Gonzalez)
Garcia - Milo Quesada (Raul Alonso)
gravedigger - Manuel Alexandre (Manuel Abarca)
Sheriff of Lincoln - Tomás Blanco (Tomás Garcia)
Teniente - Miguel de la Riva
Greg - Gonzalo Esquiroz
Hols - Alfonso de la Vega
Mexican - Simón Arriaga
Morris - Luis Induni (Luigi Radici), José Canalejas
Cotilla - María Isbert (María Soriano)
teamster - Frank Braña (Francisco Pérez), Fernando Bilbao, Antonio Cintado, Alvaro de Luna
gamblers - Angel Menendez, Antonio Orengo (Antonio Alonso)
with: Orlando Baralla, Carmen Porcel, Alfredo Santa Cruz (Alfredo Santacruz), Adriano Dominguez, Erasmo Pascual (Erasmo Colmenero), José Orjas (José González), Vicente Roca, Rufino Inglés

Billy Bonney, witnesses an attack on his mother by a criminal. He is forced to intervene, killing the attacker. The danger of vengeance by the powerful brother of the murdered man, leads the boy to leave the country, it also recommended by Pat Garrett, a friend of his father. But one of his victim's brothers follows him and once again Billy has to kill in self-defense. By now, even without meaning to, his fame has spread and when legendary gunman is about to begin a quieter life - made through a happy friendship with John Tunstall, a peaceful farmer, and the love of his daughter. When John is murdered, Billy is forced to become a bandit and when the governor of the state offers all the outlaws of the territory a complete amnesty, provided they abandon their weapons and devote themselves to peaceful occupations, Billy surrenders to Pat Garrett, who has became sheriff, and hands over his weapons. An old enemy assassinate him from a distance. The boy has now paid for the severity of his errors without ever being able to rebuild his life honestly, because of the wickedness of others.

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