Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday Michel Piccoli

Jacques Daniel Michel Piccoli was born on December 27, 1925 in Paris, France. Both his parents were musicians and his father also appeared in a few films. Known by his stage name Michel Piccoli he trained to be a comedian and has appeared on stage, films and TV. Piccoli has appeared in over 220 films and TV appearances and won a Best Actor Award at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival for his appearance in “A Leap in the Dark”. Michel has appeared in two Euro-westerns: “The Terror of Oklahoma” (1951) and “Don’t Touch the White Woman!” (1974). He was married to actress Eléonore Hirt [1919- ] (1954-19??) with whom he has a daughter Cordelia Anne Piccoli, actress, singer Juliette Greco [1927- ] (1966-1977) and screenwriter Ludivine Clerc since 1980. The couple adopted two children, a girl and a boy, from Poland in the 1980s. Today we celebrate Michel Piccoli’s 85th birthday.

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