Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RIP Antonio Gómez de Vicente

Another of the great Spanish voice actors has passed away. Antonio Gómez de Vicente died on November 23, 2010 in Spain. He was 81. Born in Spain in 1929, he was active as an actor and voice dubber since the early 1960s and was the Spanish voice of Star Trek’s George Takei. He’s best remembered as the voice of the clock in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. His list of Spanish voices for Euro-westerns is shown below.

de VICENTE, Antonio Gómez [1929, Spain - 11/23/2010, Spain] - voice actor.

Joe Dexter - 1964 [Spanish voice of Jim]
$100,000 for Ringo - 1965 [Spanish voice of Frank Oliveras]
A Pistol for Ringo - 1965 [Spanish voice of Pajarito]
The Return of Ringo - 1965 [Spanish voice of Pajarito]
Dynamite Jim - 1966 [Spanish voice of Carlos Miguel Solá]
Yankee - 1966 [Spanish voice of Jacques Herlin]
Clint the Stranger - 1967 [Spanish voice of Miguel de la Riva]
El Puro - 1968 [Spanish voice of Aldo Berti]
Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity - 1970 [Salvatore Funari]
Blazing Guns - 1971 [Spanish voice of Federico Boido, Mayor Alvardo]
His Name was Holy Ghost - 1971 [Spanish voice of Federico Boido]
Too Much Gold for One Gringo - 1972 [Spanish voice of Francisco Jarque]
Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return - 1972 [Spanish voice of Manuel Bronchud, Manuel Gas, Luciano Rossi]
Billy Two Hats - 1973 [Spanish voice of photographer]
The White, the Yellow and the Black - 1974 [Spanish voice of Victor Israel]
God’s Gun - 1976 [Spanish voice of Rafi Ben Ami]
Cold Mountain - 2003 [Spanish voice of Tom Aldredge]

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