Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Klaus-Peter Thiele

Klaus-Peter Thiele was born December 14, 1940 in Meiningen, Germany and is the son of actor Heino Thiele [1891-1964]. Klaus-Peter graduated from high school in Berlin-Tegel and startedappearing in stage engagements in Parchim and Potsdam, before appearing in DEFA films for nearly three decades. His first film role is a resounding, and international success playing the title role in the anti-war film "The Adventures of Werner Holt" (1964). Later we see him in playing many different characters, sometimes as a sympathetic figure, but also as a conceited, haughty and arrogant snob. Gladly, he would go back on this earlier character, when it comes to the Nazi occupation of roles. Thiele played this very often in Polish films, but also in the short TV series by Rudi, such as "Archiv des Todes" and "Front ohneGnade". After the political changes of 1989, the actor with the deep, warm voice appeared on stage in Hamburg and Munich, gaining experience, he also becomes a regular cast member of the Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek. He remembers findly working with Bud Spencer in the movie "Condor Mission" that is released in the United States. Klaus-Peter Thiele has lived for many years with the painter Marie Rautenberg, the daughter of Valeska Rautenberg, which has also worked on several film and TV productions. His sister, Brigitte Thiele (1936-2006) also worked occasionally as an actress. Thiele appeared in one Euro-western “White Wolves” (1969) . Today we celebrate Klaus-Peter Thiele’s 70th birthday.

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