Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy 85th Birthday Kveta Fialová

Kvetoslava ‘Kveta’ Fialová was born on September 1, 1929 in Vel'ké Dravce, Czechoslovakia. Her mother was a designer and sculptor Květoslava Fialová and her father a Czech legionnaire Vlastimil Fiala. The family lived in Slovakia until 1938, when the government ousted Bohemian nationalists in Bohemia. The family moved to Zdar in Police nad Metují and later to Borohrádek .
After the war between 1946-1950, she graduated from the school of Brnenská of Music. She worked at several regional theaters in the Czech Cieszyn, Opava, Czech Budejovice in Kolín  and in Martin Slovakia. Since 1958 she was a member in Prague's Divadlo ABC, which at that time managed Werich. Following the merger with ABC Theatre City Theatre Prague operated there from 1963 until 1990 and in later years as a permanent guest performer.
She began her film career in the 1940s and played a range of characters. Likewise she was later seen in TV productions and series, even voice dubbing. Probably her best known role was the character bar-singer Tornado Lou in Euro-western parody “Lemonade Joe” in 1964.
Kveta Violet was married to director Pavel Háša  until his death in 2009. They had a daughter Zuzana. She has a granddaughter named Dominiky.


  1. Her husband was named Pavel Háša, not Paul Hasu ;) And I guess the last sentence should be something like "She has a granddaughter named Dominika."
    Cologne is the German Köln, she worked in the Czech town Kolín.