Friday, October 29, 2021

Showdown in Fort Henry


Showdown in Fort Henry


A 2019 German short film production [KC-DC

Producers: Hendrik Fuchs, Helge Harzdorf & Bert Wendsche, Stephan Liebich, Jochen

     W. Stephan, Max Lorsheijd, Alexander Krahl

Director: Alexander Krahl

Story: Alexander Krahl

Screenplay: Alexander Krahl, Max Lorsheijd

Cinematography: Rob Feldmann [color]

Music: Michael Donner

Running time: 13 minutes



Lawrence Miller – Max Lorsheijd

John Miller – Rainer Seibert

Bounty hunters – Achim Benkert, Jochen W. Stephan, Alexander Benkert

Hostages: Evelin Walther, Christian Walther, Simone Stephan, Ricarda Benkert, Ulla Benkert, Leon Benkert, Amelie Benkert

In the abandoned Western town of “Fort Henry”, a man is coldly murdered by three outlaws. An eyewitness, who remains unseen, tries to hunt down the trio on his own.

 [submitted by Gary Williams]

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