Wednesday, October 6, 2021

New Spanish western documentary

 Kuartk Valley

Kuartk Valley – International title


A 2021 Spanish documentary [Kubelik Films, Pantella Partida Producciones ()]

Producers: Maria Madueno, Luis Angel Ramirez, Fina Salegi

Drector: Maider Oleaga

Story: Maider Oleaga

Screenplay: Maider Oleaga

Cinematography: Rita Noriega

Music: Pajaco

Running time: 87 minutes



Story: In late 2005 in Kuartango, a remote valley in the province of รlava (Basque Country). Two men pledge to make an old dream come true: to shoot a western. With neither money nor technical crew, they convince their community to play some of the characters in the film.

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