Monday, October 25, 2021

Red Rose

 Red Rose – International title


A 2018 British short film production [


Director: Matt Linge

Story: Matt Linge, Will Todd. James McKeever

Screenplay: Matt Linge, Will Todd. James McKeever

Cinematography: Charlotte Hayde

Music: Dimitri Tiomkin

     Song: “High Noon - Do Not Forsake Me” sung by Tex Ritter

Running time: 19 minutes

Story: In the old West, an overlooked farm girl hunts down a notorious criminal, in the hopes of finally proving herself. However, a ruthless bounty hunter is on her tracks, who will stop at nothing to collect the reward


Rose - Katie Dalton

Jack of Hearts – James Reynard

Beau Carter – Stewart Saunders

Sheriff Wayne – Ian Alldis

Frank Hartnett – Peter McCrohon

Ned Hartnett – Andrew David

Harmonica – Jon Wolfe

Bill – Will Todd


Entire Film


[Thanks to Gary Williams for this submittal] 

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