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European Western Comic Book ~ Avventure del West


Adventures in the West

This comic book strip made by Rocco Molinari presumably in 1965 was to be inserted in surprise envelopes. It proposed various materials, partly obtained from previous editions always intended for the same circuit; stories originally published in Kid Colt (Itala, 1959), Jumbo Comics (De Leo, 1950), Albi Ariete Grandi Avventire (Ariete, 1955) e Invincibili (Editrice Fumetti, 1956). Tra i personaggi Audax (King of Royal Mounted) di Jim Gray, Kid Colt by Stan Lee, J. Keller, Doug Wildey and Al Williamson Il Falco dei Mari (The Hawk) attributed to Willis Rensie, or Will Eisner (who had made the previous Hawks of the Seas, published in Italy as I Predoni del Mare on URRร€!), but presumably written by Ruth Ann Roche and drawn by Robert Hayward Webb. Drawings were done by Leone Cimpellin and Onofrio Bramante. Announced, but not found, the #13 "Steve Porter, the Indian agent".

The series was published n 1965 with issue one released in January and ended in December 1965. The publisher was MOL in Serchio, Italy. Each issue had 32 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (00.00.65) - "L'ultima sfida" (The Last Challenge)
02 (00.00.65) - "La perfida vendetta" (The Wicked Revenge)
03 (00.00.65) - "Supplizio indiano" (Indian Torture)
04 (00.00.65) - "La miniera del terrore" (The Mine of Terror)
05 (00.00.65) - "Morte al km 25" (Death at 25 km)
06 (00.00.65) - "Il falco dei mari" (The Falcon of the seas)
07 (00.00.65) - "Come Kid Colt divenne un fuorilegge!" (How Kid Colt Became an Outlaw)
08 (00.00.65) - "Il cavaliere solitario" (The Lonely Knight)
09 (00.00.65) - "La minaccia" (The Threat)
10 (00.00.65) - "L'uomo del circo" (The Circus Man)
11 (00.00.65) - "Vivo o morto" (Alive or Dead)
12 (00.00.65) - "L'agguato" (The Ambush)

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